Austin Automation Systems

Once you adopt a smart home lifestyle, you’ll never want to go back to your not-so-smart home lifestyle. You know, that inconvenient and stressful lifestyle where half a dozen remotes clutter your living room, yet no one can find the one they need. Then, when a remote is finally found underneath the couch or in the dog’s bed, it doesn’t work because the batteries are dead. Maybe it’s been used as chew toy, or it’s had soda spilled on it and now emits a noise resembling someone being strangl

What about home security? Remote temperature control to keep your energy bill as low as possible? Don’t want another device littering the living room floor?

After learning about the numerous advantages to smart home installation, Austin residents tired of living in their dull as dishwater, cumbersome homes are asking us to help them transform their dumb homes into state-of-the-art smart homes. These systems have with everything they need to dim or brighten lighting, adjust window treatments, turn on or off video/audio components, check interior and exterior security cameras and raise/lower temperature, our customers love the idea of having just one, single remote from which to control their home environment. Senior clients wishing to age in place are especially grateful to our technicians for installing a smart home automation system in their homes that is optimized, fully functional and dependable.